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Human Resource Management And Organizational Development

This assignment will briefly discuss the role of human resource in an organisational development, and how it assists the organisations to achieve their ultimate goal. It also looks at the various stages of human resource and how each and every stage of human resource plays vital role of that organisation for achieving its desired destination. Human resource management is important tool that every organisation can’t dispense without using it; it’s a vehicle that transports ideas of the organisation’s top leaders to their employees, in order to perform well in very competitive world. Organisations need to improve their image and their services to reach the maximum customers and satisfy their infinite human needs, to do so human resource management must be a policy and tool to use for organisational development. HRM enable the organizations to predict and analyses their workforce for future strategy. As things keep changing every day and nothing is more reliable than having a good plan in that circumstance. Organisations need a plan to fight off the uncertainty surrounding them. They need a plan for staffing, development and delivering their service without using human resource management, it’s impossible to achieve those goals. What is human resource management? Human resource management is a functional department that concerns recruiting, training and retaining the staff for an organisation. HRM is the process that an organisation undertakes to manage its humanShow MoreRelatedTraining Needs Assessment, Evaluation, Success, And Organizational Strategy And Effectiveness1035 Words   |  5 Pages1. Anderson, J.E. (2000). Training needs assessment, evaluation, success, and organizational strategy and effectiveness: An exploration of the relationships. (Doctoral dissertation, Utah State University. Logan, UT). 2. Appelbaum, S.H., Ayre, H. Shapiro, B.T. (2002). Career management in information technology: A case study. Career Development International, 7(3), 142-158. 3. Arokiasamy, L., Ismail, M., Ahmad, A. Othman, J. (2011). Predictors of academics’ career advancement at Malaysian privateRead MoreA Study on State Life Insurance Corporation in Pakistan Essay1726 Words   |  7 PagesInsurance Corporation of Pakistan INTRODUCTION: The prosperity of any organization depends on felicitous utilization of human assets available in the organization. The increasing importance of human capital as a source of competitive strength has intensified the demand for a highly educated, skilled and trained work force. Training implies constructive development in such organizational motives for optimum enhancement efficacy of the employees. Training assists in improving the employee behaviour andRead MoreEmployee Training and Career Development Paper1300 Words   |  6 PagesEmployee Training and Career Development Paper University of Phoenix HRM/300 August 21, 2012 Employee Training and Career Development Paper Knowledgeable and well trained employees are needed in every organization. It is important employees are able to perform all the tasks needed in order to reach the organizations needs and achieve the set goals. As times change, employees may stay behind in skills or may even lack training when it comes to new systems, technology or other proceduresRead MoreHuman Resource Management Affects Organizations Performance1141 Words   |  5 PagesThe issue of how the human resource management affects organizations performance has always presented in academic world. Many scholars have done a lot of theoretical and field work, trying to prove that the contribution and impact of human resource management on organizational performance. Human resource management provides direction and enhances competitiveness in organization, and becoming a strategic partner in helping companies improves its performance (Ajit Kumar Kar, 2012). However, when itRead MoreThe Analysis Of The Equitable Employee R elations Since The Year 19681542 Words   |  7 Pagesin-depth analysis of the human resource management in both settings of the 1968 period and that of the modern times of the era of businesses and corporate organizations. As such, the research will involve development and analysis of the evolution the human resource management has undergone over the years and how these theories link up and effect the current state of the equitable employee relations in the modern organizational setting. Development of the Human Resource Management Theories In analyzingRead MoreHuman Resources And Organizational Development1046 Words   |  5 PagesHuman Resources and Organizational Development Employee Empowerment Working together may be crucial since the individual functions of these two departments are not the same. The most important function of Organizational Development is to align the mission, values, and culture of the entire organization to create partnerships between employees and management. Their emphasis is on connecting the employees and departments to work as a team by instilling the company’s main beliefs. Many employers feelRead MoreEmployee Training and Career Development1260 Words   |  6 PagesEmployee Training and Career Development Paper HRM/300 Patricia Meunier Muenks Employee Training and Career Development Paper Employee training and development is the key to the success of an organization. It is the role of the Human Resource department to provide employees with the information and tools needed for training and development, and to ensure the success of organizational development. Training and development of employee is benefits the organization by ensuring the organizationRead MoreHuman Resources And Human Resource Development Essay1023 Words   |  5 PagesHuman resource development is a broadly used term that refers to the helping employees develop their personal and organizational skills, knowledge, and abilities (The Balance. N.p.). The term has different connotations as it may refer to development of human capacities with the aim raising profit in business but also, especially in developing countries, with the aim of achieving personal and societal advancement (Cengage Learning, 2016.). Human resource development can be used by both public organizationsRead MoreEmployee Training and Career Development1147 Words   |  5 Pagesand Career Development HRM/300 July 23, 2012 Employee Training and Career Development Employee training and career development programs are an essential function of a human resources department. Organizations need to employ workers who can adjust well to the company and appropriately train them to serve the company’s objectives. An organization uses various methods of training to ensure employees will satisfy the organizational needs of the company. A focus on employee development in relationRead MoreThe Human Resource ( Hr )1655 Words   |  7 PagesThe human resource (HR) in an organization deals with the day to day operations of the human resources department. The HR department deals with business law, compensation, employee relations, benefits, medical and the like. HR focuses on whom the organization hires, whom the organization fires and remediation to employees who need discipline and retooling to continue their employment. The functions of the HR department in my organization include: recruiting and retaining talent, performance management

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